I am an Associate Professor "Serra Húnter" at the University of Barcelona and the lead of the Freshwater Ecology, Hydrology and Management (FEHM-Lab) research group. Please, visit our website at www.ub.edu/fem to have more information on current projects, PhD and postdocs opportunities.

My research interests mainly focus on the biodiversity, ecology, and conservation of freshwater ecosystems. In particular, I have been working on large-scale spatial patterns of aquatic macroinvertebrates mediterranean climate rivers and their responses to past, present, and future disturbances, combining community and population approaches. I have conducted my research mainly on Mediterranean climate rivers of the world, where intermittent rivers are part of the daily landscape and have triggered many evolutionary adaptations of species.

I like to spend my free time cooking, crafting, doing pottery, and taking photos. In this website you can find a list of my publications, as well as some photos. Recipes and handcrafts are moved to www.nurialidades.com, a new website where I am sharing all my creations!!